We aim to promote the wonderfulness of traditional Japanese culture and the deliciousness of matcha tea via the Japanese tea ceremony.

Asakusa Chazen

Traditional Tea Ceremony Experience

Tokyo is home to many traditions and cultures,long passed down through the generations. The Japanese tea ceremony,in which a host prepares and offers tea according to a strict etiquette,is an integral part of Japan's traditional culture.

It embodies Japanese people's long-held devotion to hospitality,with every aspect of the experience tailored to the particular guest and season,from the teaware and utensils,to the decorations adorning the space,and even the accompanying confections. Tokyo is home to a diversity of cultural pursuits,not least of which is this pinnacle of hospitality. Attend a tea ceremony to experience the essence of Japanese traditional culture with all five senses. Offered in English, her lessons and experiences can be performed in full formal style at a traditional tea room.

What is the tea ceremony in Japan?

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Traditional Tea Ceremony Experience in Tokyo

Matcha cafe

The first experience-based cafe in Asakusa!
Making Japanese sweets and Matcha at "Matcha Cafe: Chazen". You can enjoy making seasonal Japanese sweets and Matcha. After making sweets and matcha, you can take a photo in front of the tea room with the seasonal decorations.

The Seven Reasons people choose Chazen

The Seven Reasons people choose <span>Chazen The Seven Reasons people choose <span>Chazen
  • We have shops excellently located in the famous brand area "Ginza" and ultra-popular Japanese sightseeing area "Asakusa".
  • We perform authentic, genuine tea ceremonies in a casual setting.
  • Our tea rooms are authentic chashitsu tea rooms with a purifying "tsukubai" washbasin and a classically small "nijiriguchi" entrance.
  • Hospitality is provided by deeply experienced, skilled, and knowledgeable tea ceremony practitioners.
  • We specialize in meeting foreign customer needs with multilingual service.
  • We enjoy a superb reputation among government offices and Ambassadors worldwide and possess a history of fine-tuned service for famous foreign customers.
  • We have garnered high praise for our tea ceremony session, as evidenced by our numerous awards.


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