We aim to promote the wonderfulness of traditional Japanese culture and the deliciousness of matcha tea via the Japanese tea ceremony.


In Response to the Novel Coronavirus.

Considering the health and safety of our customers and staff, our facility will be implementing the following measures in response.


・Disinfectants are regularly used during cleaning, especially in locations frequented by large numbers of people. (Elevator buttons, doorknobs, toilets, etc. )
・We ventilate and clean the room with alcohol disinfectant after every tea ceremony.
・ Hand sanitizer is available at the entrance.
・The staff sanitizes their hands with alcohol disinfectant and wears mask as precautionary measure.
・Thorough health management of staff
We reserve the right to ask wearing masks or refuse access to the building based on your health condition, regardless of any reservations.
We will do our best to maintain the environment where customers feel comfortable. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

※Please note that health-related measures may change depends on the situation and policies of the government.


“Bring a smile with a bowl of tea”
株式会社 茶禅
Rie Takeda