We aim to promote the wonderfulness of traditional Japanese culture and the deliciousness of matcha tea via the Japanese tea ceremony.

Testimonials or Happy Customers

It brings very quiet atmosphere in right center of Ginza. After busy shopping shot, it would be a great place to relax and learn about Japanese culture. The lecture is also very friendly and elegant.
Located on the 5th floor of the building next to Kabukiza, if see soba shop on the first floor, you've come to the right place. Just take an elevator upstairs. Here at Chazen, I experienced the real spirit of tea ceremony. It was my first time attending this kind of ceremony. To be honest, I don't like green tea very much but this tea at chazen, I love it! It's not bitter at all and the wagashi they serve... Oh my god! Too pretty to eat. The ceremony doesn't take long. It's a great activity on a rainy day. Sipping a warm cup of tea while enjoying the sweet. Such a wonderful experience.
This was a great experience. It was interesting to learn about the tea ceremony in general, and it was a lot of fun to go there in traditional clothing.
We had a wonderful time at Chazen, in a very small room, the tea masters have managed to make the tea ceremony experience a most mindful experience, away from all the touristic aspects that take away the true meaning of the activity. We have two teenagers and it was a wonderful and memorable experience for them - to learn the true meaning of a ritualistic activity. Can definitely recommend Chazen- time well spent.
Very nice service. The host was very sweet and demonstrates the tea ceremony very well. We had a lovely experience and would definitely recommend it to anyone visiting Japan for the first time
Had a wonderful time and it was very educational! The host was very knowledgable and helpful. It was a special experience!
Very good experience. Host were kind, friendly and flexible. It was good introductory to Japanese tea ceremony.
We really enjoyed ourselves. It was a little hard to find, but well worth it once we found it. The people were very friendly.
We enjoyed a nice, relaxing experience with a traditional Japanese matcha tea ceremony. First, the history and traditions were explained to us in a video, then we received a demonstration, and finally, we became tea masters and got to try it on our own. My 16 month old daughter even got to make tea with our help.
I am Japanese and have this opportunity with my guests from Denmark. Even I had never experienced in learning this kind of very traditional Japanese culture. Good thing to include this in a plan of Tokyo sightseeing for guests from overseas.
Lovely, serene, respectful and informative. And not too long so it will not disrupt a day of sight seeing. A very nice way to relax and learn.
It was a great experience! Thank you very much! And also thank you for the nice picture. Hope to see you again.
Place :convenience place, next to train station , Japan style. Class: taste tea ,learning how to make a traditional Japanese tea, playful and easy to understand. Teacher: nice, details experience and clearly , politely , patience etc. Overall: it was a great experience , I would like to recommend to everybody. Finally , don't forget bring your camera, don't make any regret !
Chazen afforded us a last minute reservation to their educational tea ceremony. Thank you! We enjoyed the introductory English speaking video that highlighted the tea ceremony history. The tea ceremony details were explained through their love of this national cultural treasure. The tea ceremony was invented for all to share in peace and love.
This is the tea ceremony to do if you're trying to fit a lot into your day. I wasn't after a long, elaborate version so this was a perfect option. We arrived early but our host was more than happy to begin as soon as we arrived. As a matcha fan, I really enjoyed being able to grind my own powder.
This was absolutely delightful. Our hostess was wonderful. Very knowledgable, spoke excellent English. She made a great effort to be welcoming and made us both feel very relaxed. You first see a short video on the ceremony and the history of tea. Then you grind your own matcha. You then enter the traditional tea room and have some sweets - delicious! Then our hostess made us the tea each and you slowly drink it out of the traditional bowls, whilst following certain traditions. You then get to whisk some of your own tea. Photos are allowed. Thoroughly recommend his lovely experience.
I was very Informative and alot of fun we wre in with a very nice couple and had a laugh talking about where we're from aswell as making our own macha.
This was a wonderful experience. From the moment we arrived at the tea house to the moment we left, every detail was delightful. The woman who does the ceremony (I can't remember her name 🙁 ) was very polite and dressed in a kimono. She greeted us at the entrance and then showed us a short and very educational video about Matcha (tea) and the history and proper etiquette of a tea ceremony. We entered into the tea house after washing our hands in a small garden set on the balcony and began the tea ceremony. We were served delicious traditional sweets that were chosen in accordance with the season and watched as the tea master performed the tea ceremony. It was an incredibly calming and pleasant experience. After, we were invited to make our own cup of tea, which we did, but it was not as tasty as when the master did it! We could tell that she knew what she was doing and had been doing this for a very long time. She spoke good english and told us that she had been a tea ceremony master for 30 years. Her mother was a tea ceremony teacher for 50 years! We did the private tea ceremony for my husband and I and it was well worth the few extra dollars we paid. It lasted for about 30 minutes, but I think we might have drank the tea faster than we were supposed to lol! We were allowed to take as many pictures as we wanted during the ceremony, but we were too caught in the beauty of the experience to take any until afterwards. I would absolutely recommend this activity to anyone thinking about doing it in the Tokyo area. From beginning to end, I couldn't have asked for a better experience. We even bought some of the Matcha from the master before we left, which was nice that she had it for sale. She also had other various necessities (cups, wisps, other serving things) for sale.
Great experience, would highly recommend. Person was very patient with our questions, and let our girls make their own tea when they wanted to try. Only drawback is it is a little hard to find. Go to the Higashi-Ginza station, and exit A3. Turn right, walk past the theater, and then find the elevators BEFORE the coffee shop on the corner. They are not very obvious. It is on the same block as the Kabuki-za tower, but not actually in the tower. Well worth the effort to find the place.
Absolutely amazing! I was not expecting such a nice, complete and didactic experience for such a reasonable price in such a fantastic location. First of all, our host treated us incredibly warmly and kindly. She explained every procedure in detail and gave us tons of interesting information about tea ceremony. Just after entering the place, her smile made us feel like home already. Also, she spoke perfect English (and Chinese too!), which is actually pretty rare for Japanese people. Her manners were flawless, too. It really stands out how much she cares for her job. The place was perfectly decorated. Even thought you were inside an urban building you felt really relaxed, as in you were in a traditional Japanese tea house. It was amazingly silent. The host really knew her way making tea, and we understood the ceremony perfectly. The tea was absolutely delicious and the sweets were not only really tasty, but also beautiful. We even got to make our own tea powder and our own bowl of tea (which was tasty too, but not as much as the one our host prepared for us, naturally). This easily became one of my most treasured experiences here in Japan, and I highly recommend it to everyone that makes a trip here. ¡Muchas gracias! 🙂
The tea ceremony was wonderful. The hostess was so calm, I immediately became calm as well. She speaks English fluently and could answer all our questions. She gave a beautiful insight in the world of tea. The tea house we were in transports you out of Tokyo within seconds and gives a very different experience from the bustling city outside. Highly recommended!
The host was excellent and explained everything very well. I highly recommend this experience!
This was a really good experience. Our hostess was very kind and she explained everything very well. It was nice that we were invited to make tea ourselves as well. It was a pity that the adress was very difficult to find. That was the reason that we arrived 20 minutes too late. But we were happy that we could still experienced the tea ceremony in a short way.