We aim to promote the wonderfulness of traditional Japanese culture and the deliciousness of matcha tea via the Japanese tea ceremony.


Traditional Tea Ceremony Experience

About the session

What happens in a tea ceremony session?

In a Chazen tea ceremony session, you will experience an authentic and genuine tea ceremony. The process starts with instruction on the tea ceremony and includes an opportunity for visitors to prepare their own matcha tea. Our program lets even beginners experience the tea ceremony in a casual format.

Click here for the tea ceremony session programs:Ginza Chazen | Asakusa Chazen

How long does the session last?
About 45 minutes.
When are your open and closed days?

We are open every day, all year.

We are open from 10:00 a.m., and start a session every hour.

Our last start time for the day is 17:00.

Some locations may be closed during the year-end / new year season, so please be sure to check about availability for that time when you enter your reservation.

Can you provide instruction in languages other than Japanese?

All Chazen tea ceremony practitioners can speak English for ease of communication.

We also have some staff members who can speak Chinese as well.

How many visitors can participate at one time?

Up to 8 people can fit into a chashitsu tea room at once.

For parties larger than 8 people, we have a standard Japanese style room at our Asakusa location that can fit a maximum of 50 people.

Are reservations required?

All sessions require reservations.

We may not be able to accept visitors on some days due to private room usage or events, so we ask you to make prior reservations.

What kind of room is a session held in?

Both Ginza and Asakusa locations let visitors experience a tatami mat in authentic chashitsu tea room.

The Asakusa location also has a standard Japanese style room with a maximum capacity of 50 visitors.

What are your tea ceremony practitioners like?

Hospitality is provided by deeply experienced, skilled, and knowledgeable tea ceremony practitioners.

What kind of confectionaries do you serve with tea?

We serve fresh confectioneries that differ depending on the season.

Can I take photographs?

You can take photographs freely during the session.

However, we do not allow video or audio recording of the following.

*No video or audio recording is allowed of the tea ceremony lecture

*No video recording is allowed of the tea making demonstration by the tea ceremony practitioner

Can I sit in a chair instead of on the floor during the session?

We have chairs for visitors who need them, so please be sure to ask.

What kind of clothing should I wear?

There is no special dress code.

Feel free to wear whatever you like, but please refrain from walking barefoot inside the tatami mat area.

Are there any age restrictions?
There are no age restrictions. Everyone from small children to senior citizens can casually enjoy a tea session.
Can I participate in a wheel chair?
The Ginza Chazen location is barrier free from the building entrance up to the outside of the chashitsu tea room.

Making reservations

How can I make a reservation?

All sessions require reservations.
Request a day and time on the reservation form on our official website.

(link) The reservation form is here.
The reservation process:Ginza Chazen | Asakusa Chazen

Can I reserve a session on the day I make the reservation?

We will accept same-day reservations if we have space on that day.

Please ask before coming.

Do you have sessions for just one person?

One person can come to a session alone.

A single visitor may be put in with other visitors.

However, please be aware that since our private room usage is for parties of 2 visitors and up, private room usage rental for 1 person incurs a 2 person fee.

Can I reserve private room usage?

You can reserve private room usage.

Our private room usage reservations are for parties of 2 visitors and up.


How do I pay?

Our payment system is a pre-payment system.

After your reservation is confirmed, we will send you and e-mail containing your reservation details and a website address for pre-payment.

Please complete the payment procedure by the payment deadline.

Please be aware that if we do not receive any notification from you or any payment by the deadline, we may cancel your reservation.

Can I use a credit card?

We take major credit cards.

Do you accept non-Japanese currency?

Unfortunately, for cash payments, we can only accept Japanese yen.

The session day

What should I bring with me on the session day?

You do not need to bring anything special with you to the session.

What kind of clothing should I wear on the session day?

There is no special dress code.

Feel free to wear whatever you like, but please refrain from walking barefoot inside the tatami mat area.

What should I do if I am running late?

Please tell us that you will be late as soon as possible.

The session will start before you arrive, but you can enter in the middle of the session.

Purchasing tea paraphernalia

Can I purchase tea paraphernalia and matcha tea from you?

We sell select Kyoto Uji matcha tea, tea bowls, tea whisks, and beginning tea ceremony sets.


Can I cancel a reservation?

Please be aware that when cancelling, depending on the cancellation day, you may be charged a cancellation fee.

Cancellation fees.

How can I contact you to cancel a reservation?

Contact us by e-mail.

Please include the reservation day, time, and name in the e-mail.